What can YOU do to help Tom Vail get elected?

There are many different things you could do to help support this campaign.  Please read on . . .


A CRITICAL factor in every campaign is MONEY.  We cannot reach enough voters without some paid advertising.  Mail is the standard.  There are over 100,000 Registered Republican Voters in Lake County.  Mail will cost around $0.75 per piece.  Obviously, we can’t mail to every voter, but we need to mail to some.  So, we HAVE to have some cash donations for this.

We have a donation website – there is a button at the top of this page.  Maximum donation per person is $1,000.  But, we are grateful for ANY size donation – especially if it is a monthly (automatic) recurring donation.  Don’t be embarrased by making a small donation.  A $1.00 donation puts another name on the list of supporters that will help me attract contributions from outside Lake County.

I’m not expecting any financial support from any organizations.  We are relying on individual, mostly small, donations.



The goal of the campaign is obviously to get votes at the August 20 Primary Election.  The MOST IMPORTANT part of campaign advertising is NAME RECOGNITION.  This is where EVERY supporter can help.

Under this section, there are a number of VISUAL ways you can help with putting TOM VAIL in front of voters.


Yard Signs

We will have LOTS of yard signs.  We have the first batch in hand now – ready for supporters to put in front of their house.  This tells people passing that TOM VAIL has a supporter here.  It may stimulate a conversation with a neighbor.


Magnetic Car Signs

We can provide Magnetic Signs for car doors.  These are 12 inches high x 24 inches wide.  We can provide smaller sizes, also.


Bumper Stickers

We have lots of bumper stickers available.  These get a LOT of visibility.

We have MAGNETIC bumper stickers, also.


Window Signs

Many people live in communities where yard signs are prohibited.  As an alternative, we have cardobard window signs.  These are similar to our plastic yard signs, but a little smaller.  These are great for business locations and golf carts, also.


T Shirts

We have VOTE VAIL campaign T shirts.  These take a little more boldness to wear, but they are a fantastic visual indicator of support and frequently can lead to a conversation which can lead to a new Vail Voter.

BIG Signs

Large roadside signs are a HUGE help with name recognition and informing voters.

We need locations for BIG SIGNS.

These must be commercial or rural properties.  Sign placement beside main roads is best.

Personal recommendations to the property owner are best.


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We LOVE parades!

The VOTE VAIL campaign will have entries in the Tavares and Mt. Dora July 4 parades.  We love to have supporters join us to ride or walk, carry flags and greet the parade viewers.  Join us if you can.


I am on Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter) and Truth Social.  Unfortunately, Facebook and X feeds both restrict my reach (censorship).  So, I am not as active as some, because it is not an effective use of my time.  But, you can help by following my accounts, liking and reposting.  I am NOT planning on doing and PAID Social Media Advertising.

ALSO, I will be posting videos on Rumble and Vimeo in the future.  Sharing those will be a HUGE help.  Voters seeing me and hearing me on a video is almost as good as hearing me in person.

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One of the BEST ways to develop a loyal voter is with personal contact.

There are several ways you can help with putting TOM VAIL in personal contact with voters.


Door Knocking

This is absolutely the BEST way to develop loyal voters.  I, Tom Vail, will PERSONALLY be campaigning door to door for the next several months.  Also, my wife and two sons will be helping with this effort.  But, there is no way I can reach enough voters this way by myself.  We need additional volunteers to assist with this.  It’s easier than you think.  In most cases, we just leave our printed campaign materials at the door without talking with anyone.  Reaching more doors is what counts.


Community Events

The VOTE VAIL campaign will be attending and exhibiting at many community events.  You can help us by informing us of opportunities AND by participating with us.  More people at events wearing VOTE VAIL T shirts makes a HUGE impression.


Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Meeting are fantastic ways for a voter to find out about candidates.  We will be setting up these events.  But, YOU can help organize one at your local community center or clubhouse.  Don’t expect to have hundreds of people attend.  If we have 10 people attend, that is a WIN!


Backyard Meetings

This is one of the easiest things to do.  A small gathering of friends and neighbors in your backyard is perfect for a personal conversation with the candidate.


Living Room Meetings

Just like Backyard Meetings, a small meeting with 5 to 10 people in your home is a good way for personal conversations and answers to voter questions.


Church Meetings

This is a long shot, but if your church is willing to hold a “Meet the Candidate” event, we would LOVE to do that.  If we can get at least 5 people to show up, it will be worthwhile.



Once again, money is a CRITICAL factor in this campaign.  The campaign has to pay for signs, printing, stickers, mail, event fees and other overhead expenses.  ANY financial help you can provide is GREATLY appreciated.


ANYTHING you can do to help the VOTE VAIL campaign will be GREATLY appreciated.

Email Tom Vail:  Tom @ Tom4Florida.com.

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