for Lake County Supervisor of Elections


Every donation is helping us fight to protect our FREEDOM!

Hi, I’m Tom Vail

I need your help.

Things on the surface may appear to be going well in Florida. But, we the people have to stand firm against the constant encroachment of government to keep our children and grandchildren safe and more importantly, free.

Anthony Sabatini has represented this great conservative district and is now moving on to run for federal office.

I have been investigating our election systems across the state of Florida and come to the startling realization that we are in serious trouble in Florida.

I have consulted my family and we agreed that nothing else matters if we do not have transparent and fair elections. We decided to jump into this race to make sure our representation in the Florida legislature stays in conservative, family oriented hands.

So, if you think there was something wrong with the 2020 election, I need your help.

Help me get to Tallahassee so we can do something about it!

How Can I Help You?

As your representative in Tallahassee, I pledge to protect our God-given Constitutional Rights. I will not stop working until we bring back local control, transparency and confidence to our elections.

Election Integrity

Fair & Transparent Elections is why I am running for office. If we don’t remedy the current systems, Florida will fall into the hands of power hungry bureaucrats and/or spineless politicians who won’t stand up for your liberty.


Our freedoms have never been under such attack. But our founding fathers gave us all the tools and procedures to ensure we can successfully pass the same prosperity and freedoms we enjoyed to our children.


The family is at the nucleus of Florida and American life. I want continue giving families the freedoms they deserve to keep their children safe and to bring up them up the best way they see fit.

Why Am I Doing This?

We the People For Vail

Help Me,
Help You.

I don’t need endorsements from the entrenched politicans. I respresent “We the People.”

I need your support and your vote. We the People need to put the establishment on notice. We won’t tolerate their games and power plays any longer. We need to restore Constitutional sanity and put government back in the rightful place as the servant of the people.

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