Tom Vail is running for Lake County Supervisor of Elections.

Tom lives in Groveland with his wife, Vara, and two teen aged sons, Robert and Ben. The two boys have been homeschooled since an early age and are now officers in the newly formed Teen Age Republicans of Lake County. They also BOTH served as Pages in the 2023 Florida State House.

Tom grew up inside the Washington, DC beltway, and has lived in Virginia, Alabama and Texas, plus Thailand and China, before moving to Lake County, Florida.

During the 2020 Campaign season, Tom and his family led the Roadside Trump Flag Waving Rallies around Lake County – for 14 months – organizing and attending more than 100 events. Tom and his family are regular attendees of Republican Party and Republican Club meetings in Lake County.
Until beginning his 2022 campaign for a seat in the Florida State House, Tom was the President of the Lake County Tea Party and Leader of the Lake County School Board Overwatch Committee. Tom is currently serving as the First Vice Chair of the Lake County Republican Party.

For almost 20 years, Tom was the CEO of his wife’s family business, exporting cut flower orchids from Thailand, and shipping to the US and other countries. At its peak, the business generated $100,000 per week in sales, had 100 employees, with 4 locations in Thailand and 3 locations in the US. Their flowers have been used in the White House, in celebrity weddings, on television programs and at the 2019 Lincoln Reagan Dinner in Lake County.

In addition to volunteering for patriotic and Republican causes and import/export business, Tom has experience in Construction, Real Estate, Computer Programming, Teaching, GIS mapping and Paralegal assistance. His education includes degrees in Computer Programming, Accounting, Information Systems, a Masters in Business and Juris Doctor in Law.

Tom is a co-host, with Vicky Cherry of Pro Life Radio, a one hour weekly Pro Life and anti abortion talk show on AM 950 at 8:30 pm every Sunday night.

Click on the picture above for the Salem Radio, AM 950 website.  Scroll down until you see Pro Life Radio.

For an extensive, detailed biography explaining education and work experience, click on the link below.

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