There has ALWAYS been cheating in elections.  In order to secure our Nation’s future, WE must secure our current elections and election system.  This requires MINIMIZING the OPPORTUNITIES for manipulating the vote totals and unduly influencing voters, and by preventing Ballot Box Stuffing.

Fair elections REQUIRE that every voter exercise his vote secretly and securely, without improper influence from propaganda, social pressure or other direct personal influence.

By way of analogy, if your house has lots of glass windows, locks on the doors will do little to prevent a SERIOUS intruder who would easily locate vulnerable windows and enter that way.  The security of our Nation REQUIRES maximum security of our Elections – closing every loophole which might allow cheating.

Florida has been called the “Gold Standard” of Elections, and compared to some other states, it stands out. But, there are glaring vulnerabilities in our system that must be remedied.

1. Voter ID – 100% enforcement

In Florida, a voter must identify himself with certain specified government issued identified IDs.  This law is good and practical, and if enforced properly and universally, it will limit much of the fraud found in certain cities, where people have been alleged to have voted more than once or voted in more than one precinct. However, changes in Election Law passed in 2023 have actually weakened Voter ID requirements.

2. Paper Ballots

Paper ballots, as used in Florida, provide a “paper trail” which allows the opportunity for re-counting to “prove” the election, regardless of whether the ballots were originally counted by hand or by machine.  As long as the original paper ballots are preserved, they provide actual, irrefutable evidence of the vote. Computer databases containing election records can be manipulated or erased.

3. Hand Counting with Observers

Hand counting of ballots, which is currently done in most countries, and was formerly the standard in the United States, is a reliable means of counting votes.  Multiple individuals, typically from differing political parties, with observers from the public, also from opposing parties, counting ballots by hand is a trustworthy way to verify votes.  Hand written Tally Sheets are a part of the process.  With “counters” from opposing political parties and public witnesses signing the Tally Sheets, the general public can be assured that their votes were counted fairly and reported accurately. In addition, with modern technology, digital video evidence of the counting process can assure the public that the votes have been counted fairly and accurately.

4. No Internet Connections on Machines

In Florida, there are basically two types of computers currently used during the voting process: the Check-In computer and the ballot scanner.  On the Check-In computer is the Voter Registration Database.  There is public evidence that data is transferred DURING the election to PRIVATE entities which report that evidence to news distributors.  IF there is any illegal stuffing of the ballot box planned, knowing before the election is closed, how many people have voted MIGHT allow bad actors to engage in nefarious action.

5. Eliminate Tabulation Machines

ALL computers are hackable.  Hand counting of paper ballots is the MOST SECURE way of conducting an election.  The companies making MILLIONS of dollars with election computers and election software have convinced the public, election officials and Legislators that somehow, the machines are more reliable than humans.  There is more than enough evidence to call this conclusion into question.

6. Voter Rolls on Paper at Polling Stations

Election reporting has become a spectator sport.  “News” agencies need viewers.  They make election night reporting engaging in order to sell advertising.  Their profit motive supersedes the need for accurate and fair election process.  They want to know who is voting – ALL DAY LONG.  Election officials have succumbed to the whims of the Reporting Agencies and willingly give up voter turnout data on a moment by moment basis.  This allows the opportunity for malfeasance in a number of ways.

7. County Based Voter Registration Rolls

Florida Law puts the responsibility for voter registration in the hands of the County Supervisor of Elections.  Federal Law requires a statewide voter registration database.  When there are flaws in the voter registration rolls or process, County Supervisors of Elections and the State Division of Elections shift blame/responsibility to the other.  Citizens and voters in each County need to hold THEIR County Supervisor of Elections accountable for the accuracy of their county voter registration rolls.

8. Require Supervisors of Elections to Verify Voter Registrations at Private MailBoxes, Commercial Addresses and Mail Forwarding Services

In spite of recent trends, it is a well known and well established fact that mailed ballots are the most susceptible to fraud.  Voter registrations at Private Mailbox facilities, commercial addresses and forwarding services are more likely to be fraudulent, or susceptible to fraud.  These voter registrations should be subject to a higher level of scrutiny – making sure that there is a legal voter who is properly registered, and that a mailed ballot will actually reach the voter, if requested.

9. Require Supervisors of Elections to Verify Addresses with CASS, NCOA and USPS

We have a problem in Florida with incomplete and invalid addresses in the voter registration database.  Neither County Supervisors of Elections nor the State Division of Elections, which manages the statewide voter registration database, verifies the accuracy of addresses submitted by voters.  Anyone who has purchased a product online knows that shippers ALWAYS verify the shipping address AT THE TIME IT IS SUBMITTED.  This is related to the CASS system.  NCOA is a database which records changes of address submitted to the US Postal Service.  The local Postmaster is also aware of local addresses and residents.  This does not even touch on the numerous OTHER government owned databases for local taxes, utilities, property ownership and zoning.  Also, Florida Law requires that Voter Registrations identify unit numbers.  Supervisors of Elections across the state are not doing what is necessary to validate addresses.

10. Smaller Voting Precincts – both geography and population

Smaller voting precincts, both by population and geography will solve some of the problems often reported during elections, PLUS will make hand counting easier.  Large population precincts contribute to longer lines and slower processing of voters.  Large geographic areas can make transportation to the polling location difficult for some voters. In addition, fraudulent ballots can be more easily hidden in large numbers of legitimate ballots.

11.  Eliminate Early Voting

While Early Voting resolves some of the Election Day traffic, it provides a preview of voter turnout for any planned malfeasance. Voting trends can be predicted with some accuracy based on Party affiliation in Voter Registration. So, if more voters of one party turn out to vote, the candidates of that Party are more likely to receive more votes. Voter turnout is driven, in part, by who the voters want to vote for, or who they want to vote against. By monitoring turnout by Party affiliation, some predictions about outcome can be estimated, and can help plan for the insertion of fraudulent votes and ballots.

12. Restrict Absentee Voting (with liberal exceptions)

Absentee Voting was instituted for the purpose of assisting absent voters – especially those in the military – to cast their votes, making their voices heard on Election Day.  In recent decades, and ESPECIALLY in 2020, the number of mailed ballots EXPLODED.  It is well known, and has been for decades, by both major Political Parties, that mailed ballots are the MOST susceptible to fraud.  Absentee Voting need to be restricted to military stationed away from their home voting precincts, voters who cannot leave their workplace on Election Day, hospitalization (etc.) and other unavoidable excuses.

13. Eliminate “Vote by Mail” terminology

One of the BIG problems in our country is the manipulation of language by those (Leftists) who wish to mislead, misrepresent and possibly destroy our Nation.  “Vote by Mail” CHANGES the definition of what was formerly “Absentee” voting.  Changing the terminology changes the perception, making changing policy easier.  Policy changes AWAY from more secure elections are the way to open the door to malfeasance.

14. Eliminate “Count Every Vote” terminology

Similar to the point above, “Count Every Vote” COMPLETELY DISREGARDS whether the vote is legitimate or the voter is actually qualified to vote.  The very statement presupposes that SOME votes are not being counted, and that EVERY vote is legitimate.  This idea is then pressed on ill informed segments of our population, who then become offended and enraged, assuming that votes from their group are somehow being suppressed.

15.  Eliminate “Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat” terminology

Again, similar to the two preceding points, terminology changes perception.  “Easy to Vote” MEANS “Easy to Cheat.”  Individuals and groups who cannot win by playing within the rules, must either break the rules or change the rules (or both).  Our system of voting has worked successfully for over 200 years.  Changes being made to remove every obstacle to voting are always touted as “democratic.”  But, in fact, they are being forced on our society in a relentless way to reduce the security of our elections, and allow more improper influence from multiple sources and methods.

16.  Count all Ballots on Election Night

All elections should be held on ONE DAY.  Absentee Ballots MUST be received by the close of Polls on Election Day, and NEVER accepted after – ESPECIALLY after partial results are announced.  This BEGS for cheating by stuffing the ballot box AFTER all legitimate ballots have been cast and counted.

17.  More Severe Penalties for Violations

One of the problems with improving election security is lack of enforcement.  It is difficult to specify election crimes.  It is often difficult to obtain evidence of election crimes.  But, a long-standing tenet of Criminal Justice is that the existence of a penalty provides a disincentive to commit crime.  With public knowledge of the elements of the crime, exposure of criminals being caught, prosecuted and punished, future election crimes WILL be limited.

18. More Enforcement of ALL Legal Requirements

Florida has better election laws than many states.  But, Law Enforcement Officers, Prosecutors and Judges are uncomfortable with handling election crimes due to the possible appearance of being partisan. There must be objective standard for investigation and prosecution, with incentive to take action, and protection from negative interpretations after any investigation.

19. Restriction on Vendors Sponsoring SOE Meetings

Florida has a professional association of Supervisors of Elections.  They hold several statewide meetings each year.  At these meetings, vendors who wish to provide election related services and products, show and demonstrate their wares.  For vendors to SPONSOR these events is tantamount to bribing the government officials to use their products and services. The fact that these vendors provide most of the education to the Elected Officials is already an improper influence on election security.

20. More Access to ALL Phases of Election System for Poll Watchers

Our government belongs to US, We the People.  WE have the RIGHT to know what is happening in our government.  Our money and our personal liberty are at stake.  Citizen oversight of elections might be the MOST important way for US to protect our freedom and preserve our Nation. We have a RIGHT to know WHO has access to control and modification of our Voter Registration records, WHO is contracted to perform services under the authority and responsibility of Election Officials, what computer software and hardware is being used, without restriction due to “Proprietary Information.” OUR freedom and the security of our elections are far more important than the financial interests of vendors. Our government officials must be expected to defend OUR freedom against the desires of any personal, professional or corporate interest.

21.  Review/Improve DMV Voter Registration Process

Federal Law requires that every state offer Voter Registration during the Driving License application process.  Florida needs to ensure that ONLY CITIZENS are able to register to vote, and that adequate address verification is provided and transmitted to the County Supervisor of Elections.

22.  Better Rules to Remove “Inactive” voters from the Rolls

When registered voters do not vote in several consecutive elections, their registration is redesignated from “Active” to “Inactive.”  This allows them to be AUTOMATICALLY reinstated as an “Active” voter, just by voting, or by taking certain non-voting actions.  This process makes the “Inactive” designation almost meaningless.  “Inactive” voters are prime targets for ballot harvesting (whether legal or not) or outright vote theft.

23.  Ensure That There is no Unauthorized Access to the Florida State Voter Registration Database

There is concern (including evidence in other states) that the centralized Voter Registration database is subject to unauthorized or inappropriate access.  These databases, both at the County and State level, MUST be guarded against improper access and manipulation.  They MUST be kept on secure computer servers, with reliable logs of user access, and with regular evaluation by law enforcement and trained security professionals.

24. Make Election Day a Florida State Holiday

Making Election Day a State Holiday will facilitate addressing several problems with Election Day.  First, it will relieve pressure from people needing to vote outside business hours, and from employers expecting staff to be in the workplace when they need to vote.  Second, it will provide incentive for off-duty workers to be available to work as paid Poll Workers.  It will also allow more people to be available to serve as volunteer Poll Watchers.  Finally, it will open up certain facilities, such as schools, for use as polling locations.

25.  Make All Government Run Schools Available for Polls

With more and smaller precincts, more polling locations will be needed.  Use of government owned facilities is the simplest solution.

26.  Certify that all Voters are Citizens

Is ANY explanation needed?

27.  Simpler Rules for Removing Ineligible Voters from Voter Registration Rolls

Voter Registration rules have been weakened for the stated case that strict rules “can” be “Voter Suppression.”  ILLEGAL voters MUST be prevented from voting.  Disinterested, though qualified voters should not be encouraged to register to vote.  These people are the PERFECT class of individuals from whom votes (ballots) can be stolen, bought or coerced.  It should be EASY to remove a dead person or a person who has moved from their residence of record. Election Officials should accept reasonably reliable information from ANYONE, and make a determination whether a suspect registration is legal.

28.  Eliminate Early Reporting of Turnout

Early reporting of voter turnout can be a signal to engage in election fraud.  When turnout by Party affiliation is reported DURING voting hours, it is ESPECIALLY dangerous in signaling to groups with nefarious intent. (See item 11).

29. Better Rules for Voter Signatures

Florida Supervisors of Elections keep digital copies of voter signatures.  These signatures are obtained via input terminals at DMV, voter registration and Polling locations.  Computer comparison is often used to verify petitions and identify persons at voting locations.  Signatures vary over time.  Signatures on paper can vary widely from signatures obtained on touch screens.  The accuracy of computer comparison can be adjusted in software to be extremely strict or extremely lax, or anywhere in between.

30. Citizen Verification of Voter Registrations

In addition to watching the Election Process as Poll Watchers, citizens should have some ability to have oversight of Voter Registrations, and suggestions for removal of ineligible voter registrations should be taken seriously and investigated fully.

31.  Eliminate Outsourcing of Voter Roll Maintenance

Private Contractors have been used to assist with maintaining and updating and revising voter registration databases.  This practice should be eliminated.  ALL changes in Voter Registration data should be done by election workers or voters, themselves.

These “proposals,” while seeming revolutionary in the current environment, are mostly what we had in place 50 years ago, and were performing as intended.

Some of these ideas are already embodied in Florida Statute.  Some are only within the power of the State Legislature to modigy.  Some may be implemented by Elections Officials.

Regardless of the actual situation for each point, it is important for citizens and voters to understand what is happening to our election system, and what can be done to make it more secure.

The Constitution of the United States begins with the words “We the People.”  This is a CLEAR indication that we have a government “of the people, for the people and by the people” as President Lincoln once famously stated.  It is up to US to preserve it.

A Republic, if you can keep it.”

~ Benjamin Franklin, July 4, 1776

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