Campaign Fundraiser and Pep Rally

Fish Camp on Lake Eustis 901 Lake Shore Blvd, Tavares

Make Campaigns FUN again1 Naturally, this campaign needs MONEY to pay for advertising, so we do HAVE to ask for donations.  But, we also need PEOPLE.  Our campaign needs help from volunteers. This event is NOT just about asking for money.  We need PEOPLE.  We need more people helping to spread the word that honest elections are one of the most important ways to protect our country, and honest elections are under attack.  Citizens need to KNOW what is happening INSIDE the election system and how election laws across the country are being subverted.  It is CRITICAL for election officials to defend election laws that protect elections, stop the trend towards less secure election law, and help rescind laws that have weakened election security. But, there will be some FUN at this event.  That's why we included "Pep Rally" in the title.  There will be good food.  There will be live music. Tom Vail, the candidate, will deliver a short presentation explaining: why he should win how he will win What will happen when he wins Donations of ANY AMOUNT are always gratefully accepted.  Even a $1.00 donation tells others that THIS candidate has YOUR support.  That is more important […]

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