We Can Do It

We now live in a time when more and more of our lives are being run by computers.  Computers are TOOLS.  They are NEVER the brains.  Even with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the computers are run by software developed by humans.

Ultimately, it is US, We the People, who own everything, both good and bad.  WE must shoulder that responsibilty.

Most countries hand count ballots.  WE did this in the past.

We KNOW that ANY computer can be hacked.  But, what we often overlook is the fact that we don’t know what the software inside the computer is doing.  With our elections, we are told to “trust” the software and the Vendors producing and operating it.  THEY are protected by a shield of “proprietary” rights.  OUR Rights for OUR chosen Representation is of less value to these companies than their profits.

Hand counting CAN be done.  It SHOULD be done.  But, We the People MUST take a stand to DEMAND it, and then take responsibility for its execution – actually being there on election Day to do the counting or watch the counters.

A group in Missouri, in January 2023, produced a document showing how it can be done and telling why it should be done.

You can read the document for yourself.  Just click the button.

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